Bride Asks To Rent A Peacock For Her Wedding. The Responses Are Hilarious


A bride-to-be wanted to rent a peacock to walk down the aisle during her wedding ceremony, so a friend took to Facebook for recommendations on how to rent the exotic bird.

Their request was then shared on the “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming” Facebook group where it received hundreds of hilarous comments.

Because it is a private Facebook group, we’ve posted the best comments below:

“I’ve heard a peacock scream. I can’t imagine how loud they would be in a closed room. Bad idea all around.”

“Because who doesn’t want their wedding vows drowned out by the screams of a giant angry folding fan.”

“This person has never actually met a peacock.”

“Peacocks are crackheads in fancy clothing, they are not to be trusted.”

“Peacocks are bad* and will f* all your s*** up. Then poop everywhere. Go for it.”

“Hot Tip: if you can’t afford a peacock but want the same end result, rent a flock of angry geese.”

“I’m going to hard pass on a decorative murder chicken. That said – It would make a great drinking game. Drink every time a person screams.”

“I really want her to find one. When Peacocks kick off they fully choose violence. Imagine that blood bath as your wedding story.”

“Blood and feathers: the story of how a wedding turned into a massacre.”