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Kind, Authentic and a Superstar: Olivia Newton-John Talks about Her Memoir, Don’t Stop Believin’, Her Life, Las Vegas, More – Truly Inspirational!

Back in 2015, we met Olivia Newton-John throughout her Las Vegas residency on the Flamingo Lodge and Casino [see here]. At present, we convey you our virtually 20 minute CYInterview with the celebrity singer and actress. Perhaps greatest recognized to the world as Sandy in the film musical Grease, starring alongside John Travolta, Olivia has had an impressed musical career across a variety of genres. She is little question a pop icon.

Just lately, she launched her memoir titled Don’t Stop Belevin’ which has reached the NY Occasions bestseller listing. Olivia joined myself and featured columnist Jay Bildstein for a constructive, insightful and inspiring CYInterview. You possibly can read the whole transcript or take heed to the complete CYInterview under:

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Chris Yandek: I’m Chris Yandek. Featured columnist Jay Bildstein is with me. At this time on CYInterview, we welcome singer, actress, celebrity Olivia Newton-John. Her new e-book out is titled Don’t Stop Belevin’, the lengthy awaited memoir. Olivia, thank you for being with us immediately on CYInterview.

Olivia Newton-John: You’re very welcome. How are you in the present day?

Chris Yandek: I’m doing very nicely. Thank you so very much. I just need to say to start out out with, I really loved studying your e-book, a lot of fascinating and constructive stories. How has the guide tour been going and what’s been probably the most fascinating half thus far?

Olivia Newton-John: Properly, my tour I’ve been doing by telephone, which might be the simplest approach I’ve ever executed any tour and actually enjoying it. I’ve been, I did a few, couple of things in L.A., however I’ve been mainly been doing stuff on the telephone and it’s doing rather well. The e-book went to quantity seven on the New York Occasions greatest seller record which I didn’t anticipate in any respect. I didn’t anticipate to be within the charts again. In order that was thrilling.

Chris Yandek: I don’t assume it’s very shocking truthfully with all of the issues that you simply’ve completed in your profession, on the display and in fact with music, how are you doing?

Olivia Newton-John: I’m doing great. Thank you. Rather well. Actually feeling good.

Chris Yandek: Properly, here’s what I’m going to say to you, you already know, getting the prospect to learn the guide and go through it, you recognize, and you get to relive many of those accomplishments, do you ever mirror on those accomplishments and really feel glad?

Olivia Newton-John: It’s not one thing I feel about actually. I reside my life and once I wrote the e-book in fact I went, oh wow, that’s pretty good, you recognize. Fairly good for an Aussie chick. However I don’t assume about them a lot, however once I do, I’m simply very grateful that I’ve had such a tremendous career. However I do notably now reside within the current, reside in the moment that I’m having and I don’t really assume much about the previous and at present is a present and that’s how I see it as we speak in the current.

Chris Yandek: Jay.

Jay Bildstein: You already know Olivia, going by means of the 1970s and being a massive music fan and continuously listening to the radio, you have been there all the time. And to me, I sort of break down your profession as BG and AG, earlier than Grease and after Grease.

Olivia Newton-John: BG, I like that one.

Jay Bildstein: As a result of there was this complete interval which I feel some youthful people might not understand where you have been so extremely dominant.

Olivia Newton-John: Yeah.

Jay Bildstein: In the music scene. I feel a lot of people at the moment, the very first thing they think of is Grease. With that stated, and I gave a lot of thought to your career, do you ever mirror again and say, am I looked at somebody or was I looked at as somebody who was a nation star, a pop star, did you ever sort of try to determine where you have been in music or did you just go out and carry out?

Olivia Newton-John: I just did it and I sang songs that I appreciated and you already know, once I first began out and I used to be having country music hits, I actually had no idea that country music had a separate chart as a result of I used to be in England, the songs have been written by an Englishman, my first massive hits If You Love Me, Let Me Be There, Please Mr. Please have been all written by a gentleman referred to as John Rostill who was an Englishman and he was a base player within the Shadows and he, my producers have been an Englishman and an Australian. I had no concept about nation music actually.

As a result of I used to be in the pop world and doing cabaret and stuff with my associate Pat [Carroll]. So once I had these nation music hits, it was like, oh, wow, there’s a entire chart that’s just country. And my voices seemed to appease that sort of music or that’s what my producers thought and supervisor and I wasn’t specializing in it once I first started, so it type of made sense, however I actually wasn’t aware of that. But I really coated a lot of various genres with my music. I feel music is music and I really like the very fact they’re all type of melding a melting pot of sounds now with all of the totally different ones coming collectively. I simply feel really grateful. I’ve had hits in all my totally different types. Even a primary disco hit with my daughter.

Jay Bildstein: Fascinating, you already know, again going again to the 1970s and considering about your music, I can say that going by way of the 70s, my type of focus was rock, but I also can say with all my buddies and we’re speaking about, you realize, individuals who have been in junior high school and high school, apart from your music, I’m positive you understand you have been also a pop icon. You have been somebody who made a lot of individuals’s hearts beat a bit quicker. Did that, I don’t know, did that ever offer you cause for pause, make you are feeling uncomfortable, did you simply need to be recognized on your music or have been you happy with the fact that, you realize, there have been plenty of guys together with your poster on a wall or a photograph on the wall and considered Olivia Newton-John as more than just a songstress, but wow, what a lady?

Olivia Newton-John: I don’t really assume I paused to assume about it too much. I don’t assume about myself that method. I’ve all the time had my ft on the bottom and I don’t intend, I type of snort once I assume about that. However I used to be very flattered. I used to be extra targeted on just singing my songs and recording and touring and dwelling my life and I don’t really assume I ever really thought, I feel when you begin considering about your self too much, that’s a lure and you start to take yourself too critically. It was what it was and I was very lucky and lucky, very grateful.

Jay Bildstein: Chris.

Olivia Newton-John’s ebook is her lengthy awaited memoir

Chris Yandek: Olivia, in the ebook, Don’t Stop Believin’, you speak very candidly about Grease, in fact. And I assumed it was very fascinating that you simply had to type of be satisfied and even be requested by John Travolta to do Grease.

Olivia Newton-John: Yes.

Chris Yandek: Wanting again on it, do you ever assume about what would your profession have been like had you not finished Grease or how life would have been totally different?

Olivia Newton-John: No, I don’t, do you assume back a lot about those things? I imply, clearly it will have been a totally different world that I don’t know what would have happened, I mean I might of in all probability just targeted on my music and my music did properly, however, you recognize, my music in the movie did exceptionally properly and then in fact the music from Xanadu, another film, these have been some of my largest data have been from movies. And then Physical after that and in fact was superb. However I don’t know what it might have been. I mean, how do we all know what it will have been? So I’m just completely satisfied the best way it turned out. I used to be fortunate.

Jay Bildstein: Chris, might I interject something?

Chris Yandek: Positive, in fact.

Jay Bildstein: You realize what Olivia, I feel you just taught us something here, at the least you just gave me a teachable second. Perhaps we’re asking the questions and you’re answering them as a result of as an alternative of reflecting on the previous, you targeted on doing, you targeted on engaging in and you targeted on producing your artwork, your music, your appearing and perhaps that’s a lesson for all of us that we gotta get our heads out of wanting on the previous an excessive amount of and worrying about the longer term too much and stay within the now. Would you say that’s correct?

Olivia Newton-John: Completely. I feel once I was younger, I feel whenever you’re younger, you are worried about every part. I imply, that’s been a present of age I find is that you simply fear less and additionally the present of going by means of difficulties which I have gone by way of and am going by way of, but I’m doing great. But I feel it’s essential to concentrate on now. Now’s all we now have. This moment now’s all we are positive of. Yesterday is gone. We will’t change it. Tomorrow there’s no ensures of anything. So actually all we now have is that this moment and I attempt to take advantage of every second and make it as constructive as I can.

Jay Bildstein: Properly stated, Chris?

Chris Yandek: Nicely I need to say, that’s what I was gonna ask you next is that you simply really have this, this type of means you reside your life and as you read Don’t Stop Believin‘, you just have a very positive good feeling about you and how you see the world and how you see life. Do you think that, that maybe is the most important thing of how you live your life? Because that’s what I feel like I’ve gathered from you, and studying the ebook and studying a few of the other interviews you probably did earlier than talking with us at this time?

Olivia Newton-John: Nicely, I’m glad you bought that because, yes, I feel that’s what retains me going and I’ve all the time been a fairly constructive individual, but I’m, naturally I’m human and I’ve fears and doubts and all the issues everybody goes by means of. But I actually consider that you simply create your world by what you assume. I imply your brain is what, everybody has a totally different mind and what goes inside your mind is creating your realities.

So you might want to hold that actuality constructive should you’re going via sickness or you’re going by way of a arduous time, you should maintain a constructive thought or attempt and maintain one going indirectly or do one thing for yourself that makes yourself feel good as a result of life is troublesome for individuals and everyone’s stressed and frightened about stuff. So concentrating on this second and what you can do higher in this moment is the most effective we will do I feel.

Chris Yandek: In a short time earlier than I get to my final question and Jay may need a few extra, you understand, I feel like as I was reading your guide once you have been starting out in your music career and you have been touring with Pat [Carroll] and you guys have been simply sort of going from one place to a different, you have been just, like so joyful in these early performing days. Like, it was simply such a pleasure for you to rise up on stage it felt like as I was reading the guide.

Olivia Newton-John: Nicely, I feel, you understand, I really loved singing with Pat [Carroll]. I’ve all the time loved duets and being onstage with any person else. I found it more durable once I was, once I began out my solo career and it was just me. That was a little extra nerve wracking. I all the time loved it once I received on the stage, however earlier than I acquired out there, I used to be a wreck. I mean, each day I was so nervous that, you understand, how was I gonna do it, how was I gonna keep in mind and you understand, that was just because I needed every part to be good.

I was in all probability a bit an excessive amount of of a perfectionist and nervous about every thing. And now in fact, I can take pleasure in performing a lot more because I don’t need to show something. I’m not building. I’m, you realize, I’ve accomplished it and this is all icing on the cake.

Chris Yandek: Properly, talking of performing, again in Might of 2015, I received a probability to attend your present on the Flamingo and I did get to satisfy you through the meet and greet. And it was very nice assembly you, you’re such a pleasure. I liked the show.

Olivia Newton-John: Thank you.

Chris Yandek: What do you recall from your Las Vegas residency and I’m positive you retain up with the news, however Woman Gaga and so many others at the moment are doing this.

Olivia Newton-John: Yes.

Chris Yandek: What was that like for you?

Olivia Newton-John: I actually loved the Vegas expertise. I went there for a yr and ended up staying three years, which stated something right there and I actually beloved it as a result of it was like a common job. I went to the show every night time on the similar time, I went house, we rented a home, we took our animals there, my husband and I, took our dog and our cat, we flew them up each time. And it was like having a actually normal life. Besides, you recognize, I went to work at night time as an alternative of in the course of the day. That was really pleasant.

I liked the truth that my associates from everywhere in the world would come to see me. So I caught up with a lot of pals once I was there, more than once I was at house or touring. And the audiences have been fantastic; the employees of the Flamingo was great. I beloved my band; so we have been like a little household on the street. So I actually did take pleasure in it very much.

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Chris Yandek: Do you might have any favourite tales about any of the individuals who got here to see you whether it was Donny [Osmond], Marie Osmond or Mariah Carey or any of the other people who had residences when you had residency?

Olivia Newton-John: Properly, the residents couldn’t come as a result of we all the time sang on the same night time. I feel Donny and Marie came on separate nights on the week, I feel that they had a week off and have been staying an extra couple of days. As a result of we came, bunches of individuals from Grease came, came up on stage with me, yeah, a few of the Grease guys got here, so and Didi [Conn] in fact who all the time comes up on stage. I really like her. So it was fantastic. I’m forgetting individuals in fact. There were a lot of celebrities that came and joined me on stage for a part of the show and it was actually a fantastic experience.

Chris Yandek: Earlier than I throw it to Jay to complete up with you and thank you so very a lot on your time immediately, Don’t Stop Believin’ the title of your ebook, in fact the well-known music, I imply, I feel those three phrases really are something that’s inspirational for those who consider that anything can occur if we need to hold working in the direction of something no?

OIlivia Newton-John: Yeah. Precisely and that’s not Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’, that’s my Don’t Stop Believin’. That’s a track that John Farrar wrote for me a few years in the past.

Chris Yandek: In fact.

Olivia Newton-John: I didn’t know in case you knew as a result of I’ve had another individuals ask me if it was Journey’s music. And it’s simply a lovely lyric and I’ve all the time, you realize, it’s one of many first constructive songs that I received to report and had such a beautiful melody. And once I was considering of titles for the music, for the album, for the e-book, album, for the ebook, it stored, that’s the one which just stored coming back to me all the time. And I assumed, nicely that’s the one. Cheers. That’s how I reside my life. You just gotta hold believing issues will work out.

Chris Yandek: Are you going to perform again in the close to future?

Olivia Newton-John: Not within the near future and I don’t know if I’ll once more. I’ve been, I’ve worked last yr and then after I had my setback in September, I’ve taken day without work and I’m getting to actually prefer it. I don’t know should you’ll get me back on the street. I’ve never been in a single place this long I don’t assume in my entire life since I was a little woman. So truly, waking up within the morning and feeding my animals and you already know, wanting at the birds and wondering out in nature, that has been so superb to me. I’m unsure I need to get back out there now.

Chris Yandek: Properly, it was just such a joy to see you in Might of 2015 and meeting you, you’re such a nice individual. Jay.

Olivia Newton-John: Oh, thanks. Thank you for talking to me. I’m sorry I was late.

Jay Bildstein: Olivia, if I’d, where are you presently dwelling?

Olivia Newton-John: We are based mostly in Florida, however in the mean time I’m in California and we spend a lot of time in Australia. So we’re everywhere in the map. I’m in California now.

Jay Bildstein: Did you take pleasure in dwelling in Las Vegas? I am positive you loved performing, however how did you are feeling being in the desert?

Olivia Newton-John: I really like the desert. We use to go to Pink Rock all the time, take our canine for lengthy hikes, I really liked it there. I’m not so much a city individual, however we rented a house on the outskirts and we use to go for walks and picnics and issues on the market and Vegas is a lot of enjoyable. You understand, great restaurants and unbelievable exhibits in case you have a few nights off to do stuff, however I used to be working each night time. So I didn’t really get a probability.

Jay Bildstein: One silly question and one critical query to sort of wrap things up. The silly question is this, so that you’re in Las Vegas, do performers and I mean you’re an absolute celebrity, an icon, does one individual call another? Do you get on a telephone someday and say, ‘Hey Celine! Let’s go have a barbecue.’ And all of a sudden you’re getting along with different performers in your off time, hanging out, having a barbecue and evaluating notes or is that just something in a fan’s imagination?

Olivia Newton-John: For me, it’s in a fan’s creativeness ‘cause when I had a day off, usually you just want to rest and just do nothing or go to a movie or something. So no, I didn’t do this. I’ve met these women, however I don’t know them properly and they all have their lives and their youngsters and the weekends are type of sacred. So I didn’t really spend any time with them sadly and very often we have been on totally different schedules. So I’d be there at the occasions that they weren’t. Britney [Spears] was subsequent door to me in one of many locations I was staying. So I acquired to see her a little bit and I noticed Elton [John] a few occasions; he’s a pal. But aside from that, I didn’t really see anyone. Donny and Marie was totally different.

Jay Bildstein: Understood. And right here comes my critical question, I’m fascinated by the inventive process. And so, once you’re singing for example, a music like Hopelessly Dedicated to You, do you create a, like in appearing, typically they speak about Stanislavsky and sense memory and the tactic and all these totally different processes that an actor will go into.

Olivia Newton-John: Right.

Jay Bildstein: To get one of the best out of them self emotionally for a position. Have you ever labored at doing one thing comparable in, should you’re once more singing a music like Hopelessly Devoted to You, are you considering about a damaged hearted second that you simply had or are you considering about for a totally different sort of music an upbeat moment or does it simply come naturally and you sing?

Olivia Newton-John: With the ballads, I imply I actually consider that if you sing, you’re reenacting a little sort of vignette, a little three minute movie. So I had something happening in my head. It’ll be totally different every night time, it’s not like I recreate the same film. I’ve in all probability finished a thousand totally different films in my head. But I do use creativeness and I name on feelings and reminiscence and you understand, that’s how you make it real as a result of in the event you simply sing and you could be good and each observe might be good, but should you don’t contact anyone, then I don’t consider you’ve executed your job.

Jay Bildstein: Yeah and I can converse personally and I feel for many, many different individuals, wow, that track definitely was very, very touching and I all the time acquired the feeling again back in high school and I’d hear that, that you simply had one thing in thoughts, that there was, you have been singing to a individual and you, like there was a backstory to that music. I don’t know if it was true or such as you stated, there were a variety of backstories or vignettes that you simply created in your mind, however very, very highly effective certainly.

Olivia Newton-John: Yes. Sure. Thanks. I feel we’ve all had you recognize, unrequited love or had a damaged heart. I imply, it’s a part of the human situation. So you just draw on those feelings. I wasn’t educated to do it. That’s simply being where I used to be and the lyrics of a track, you already know, you’re conveying these words. So the words, I really like words and what they mean and that’s all the time essential to me, the lyrics of a music. You possibly can have a great melody, but if the phrases don’t match, it doesn’t work for me.

Jay Bildstein: Indeed. Properly, thanks a lot. It’s really been a distinct pleasure speaking with you.

Olivia Newton-John: Oh, you too.

Jay Bildstein: And far, a lot luck in your guide.

Olivia Newton-John: Thanks.

Jay Bildstein: And with every little thing the longer term holds. And I’m positive your followers and anyone who has the slightest curiosity in music is gonna be absolutely riveted in reading your guide and listening to this interview and all of your different fantastic interviews and again thanks. Chris.

Olivia Newton-John: Thanks very a lot.

Chris Yandek: Olivia, thank you so very much for being on CYInterview and in closing, with that thought, any message to your fans?

Olivia Newton-John: I’d love to say thanks to all of them for all their help through the years and for coming to my exhibits and sending me letters and presents and all the sweetness and you realize, our fans make it attainable for us to do our work. We wouldn’t have an audience with out them. It’d be very lonely. So I’d wish to say, I just, I’m very grateful to them and thanks.

Chris Yandek: The title of the guide is Don’t Stop Belevin’, a memoir. So for musician, singer, actress, mega celebrity Olivia Newton-John, featured columnist Jay Bildstein and CYInterview, I’m Chris Yandek. Olivia, thanks so very much for being on CYInterview at present.

Olivia Newton-John: Thanks guys. Thanks.

To buy a copy of Olivia Newton-John’s new ebook Don’t Stop Belevin’, you can do so by visiting her official web site at www.olivianewton-john.com for extra info.

The lead photograph for this piece is credited to Denise Truscello.