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Sharp yet Humble, Ring Card Model/Businessperson/Singer Arianny Celeste Back in Las Vegas for International Fight Week: CYInterview Sits Down with the Multitalented Woman for a Q and A

Arianny Celeste is a gifted model, businessperson and singer. She can also be a centered human being who exudes gratitude and humility. Being, maybe, the most famous ring card model in UFC historical past, with a social media following in the hundreds of thousands, she has branched out from modeling with a web-based business referred to as Girlfriend Box, which may be discovered at Moreover, she has merchandise for sale on

This past week in Las Vegas was International Fight Week. It is a yearly week of festivities for the combined martial arts group. Since she was back in Las Vegas – the place she was born and raised – we had the opportunity to CYInterview Arianny Celeste. See our photograph above.

With a social media following of close to 10 million, throughout Instagram, Twitter and Fb, there isn’t a denying that individuals are taking note of and waiting for the subsequent replace from this multitalented lady.

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Chris Yandek: That is Chris Yandek for CYInterview. We’re here at the moment with the one, the solely, the Arianny Celeste. Thank you so much for being right here right now. How are you? Welcome back house.

Arianny Celeste: Thanks so much. I’m doing rather well. Tremendous busy this weekend. However it’s all the time hectic; however it’s all the time fun. So I’m joyful and I’m grateful to be here.

Chris Yandek: Nicely, I need to begin by just saying to you one fast factor, what does this week [International Fight Week] mean to you? You already know, you’ve been in MMA since 2006 and this is like a Super Bowl week now. So it have to be superb to see how the sport continues to grow.

Arianny Celeste: Sure. It’s all the time enjoyable. It’s all the time exciting. That is the weekend that I actually get to attach with my fans. I have posters. I have t-shirts. So I actually, I try to give them something that they didn’t have before. I might’ve had my calendars, but they didn’t print in time. So, it’s just all about the fans this weekend. It’s all, obviously UFC is right here and they placed on such a good show for the fans and we’re capable of really join and do a lot of occasions that need to do with like just having enjoyable with our fans.

Chris Yandek: Nicely, with your continued rise to fame, you’ve got now, as I wish to say it, received into the entrepreneur spirt. So inform me about

Arianny Celeste: So Girlfriend Field is a present giving service that I started with my good friend and it’s principally every thing that you simply want whether or not you’re in the canine house with your girlfriend, whether you just need to say, ‘Hey, I’m serious about you.’ This is the one cease shop where you go to get her a present whether it’s for her birthday or anniversary or what not. We’re present giving accomplished straightforward. So you don’t have to consider it, you’ll be able to schedule it. We have now it ready for whenever you want. It’s shipped and we deal with all the exhausting part.

Chris Yandek: So wanting back on this unimaginable journey that you simply’ve been on and the continued model recognition that you’ve built for your self, have you ever just sat again and stated to your self, actually what makes a good ring card woman?

Arianny Celeste: You recognize, I feel I’m far more than a ring card woman. I like to think about myself way more than that. I feel it’s simply considering outdoors of the field. Like, what do I actually like? I actually am driven simply by being my own boss and being unbiased and figuring out that I do have, you recognize, some ladies that do look as much as me and I came from nothing. So for me to sort of have as much as I do, you recognize, I’m just so thankful and I hopefully need to inspire women who need to be like me to love, you realize what? Ring card woman, like, that’s nice, that’s superb, that’s all about the way you look and your body and your physique, but to have something past that’s fairly cool. So I feel really good about it.

Chris Yandek: You obviously, completely expanded upon those horizons by way of that recognition and beyond that. Then my next query can be, how do you sum up the journey up to now?

Arianny Celeste: The journey is a by no means ending hustle and all the time growing, all the time learning, all the time making an attempt to maintain myself together as a result of I’m human at the end of the day. You already know, I’ve things that I’m going by means of, breakups, drama with family, drama with buddies. So it’s all about simply being mentally and bodily wholesome. Like, obviously on the outdoors I’m bodily wholesome, however mentally, every part, emotionally, retaining it together for this a few years, I’m sort of pleased with myself for that.

Chris Yandek: Talking of that, I used to be going to ask you, what have you ever discovered?

Arianny Celeste: I discovered to not give into like people who are discouraging and damaging and imply. Especially on the Web as a result of it may be actually hurtful and in the event you actually look into that type of stuff. The trolls and the mean individuals, it might actually have an effect on you. So I just discovered to ignore it and simply put out as much constructive power as potential. I really feel like whenever you’re constructive, even, it’s virtually like a reminder. Once you’re constructive to other individuals, it’s a reminder to yourself like, hey, you got this, you can do this, just maintain going. You recognize, in order I encourage others and I feel like that’s what my social media is about, I’m encouraging myself.

Chris Yandek: Yeah. Once I was talking with Olivia Newton-John lately [see here], we have been speaking about her viewpoint is all the time take a look at issues in an outgoing, constructive method. However clearly what I say to you is with your continued growing fans and notoriety, it’s a must to say, nicely, not everybody’s gonna like me. And since I’ve acquired more attention clearly there’s going to be extra negativity, however the quantity of positivity is superb too.

Arianny Celeste: Yes. The amount of positivity is admittedly nice. I have a lot of lovely followers and constructive individuals in my life.

Chris Yandek: What do you want your fans to most find out about you that they don’t?

Arianny Celeste: I feel, you realize, like I by no means thought I used to be going to be in this leisure enterprise like I was. I all the time performed every part by the guide and I was truly like super shy. So, you realize, for me to return out of my shell and be in this type of business that’s sort of like in your face all the time, it simply goes to point out like you’ll be able to really do something and for those who take pleasure in it, like, go for it. I never thought I might be in this business. But I’m and I’m actually loving it and it’s been a very constructive like outsource of the whole lot else in my life. So.

Chris Yandek: I feel the thing I might most marvel once I was fascinated with all the years that I needed to speak with you, I’ve received a few more for you and then I’ll let you go, is, how do I say this, when do you know that you would be larger than or greater than or better than?

Arianny Celeste: It was never like I’m higher than or greater than, it’s like, ok, I’ve been given this chance with this large firm. I’m doing properly, however how am I gonna do even better. What can I do to take this to the next degree? Ok, I gotta transfer to L.A. [Los Angeles]. Okay I’m gonna take appearing classes. I’m gonna take hosting classes. I’m going to be more than simply this octagon woman, this ring woman. I’m going to start out my very own merchandise line ‘cause I have fans. I’m positive my fans would want. So I began my calendar, I began my t-shirts. I started all this stuff that have been just as soon as like a tiny little dream. So to try this, I mean it takes braveness. It just takes like being, like ok, take a danger, you got this.

Chris Yandek: You actually do have a ardour for singing. I’d love for you to tell me about that.

Arianny Celeste: I’m a singer. I’ve been a singer like my entire life. I’ve a very musical family. A bunch of singers, a bunch of dancers, entertainers. And singing is my ardour. It’s what fuels my soul. So, you realize, I just love to sing. I’m not likely targeted on that proper now due to my enterprise. But yeah, it’s just my comfortable place.

Chris Yandek: Finally, I was actually stunned. You’re from here [Las Vegas].

Arianny Celeste: I’m born and raised here. Yeah. I’ve been in L.A. for nine years now, however this is my residence. Every time I come house, it looks like house and I get to see all my pals that I’ve been associates with for years and years and years that I grew up with. So it’s a very nice warm welcome every time I come house.

Chris Yandek: Arianny Celeste, thanks so very a lot for finally being on CYInterview. It’s so nice to finally converse to you. In closing, anything you need to add or mention or anything in any respect?

Arianny Celeste: Just be on the lookout. I’m launching my calendar in a few weeks on And should you’re wanting for the good present for your girlfriend, your wife, your mother, your sisters, take a look at And comply with me @AriannyCeleste.

Chris Yandek: On Instagram, on Facebook and on Twitter?

Arianny Celeste: Yes.

Chris Yandek: Any others did I miss?

Arianny Celeste: That’s it.

Chris Yadek: Thanks so much.

Arianny Celeste: Thank you.

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