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This week’s rundown, July 12, 2019

This podcast was recorded July 9, 2019.

MARISSA: Whats up, and welcome back to Who Requested You? The Day by day’s first speak present.

GABBY: We’re your hosts, Gabby and Marissa. So, immediately we’re going to speak a bit bit about this week in the final week in politics because the debates and since our first present.

MARISSA: Nicely, just a little flex: To begin with, I met Elizabeth Thee Warren. I coated her city corridor for The Day by day. It was truthfully sort of loopy. I’ve never been to a town hall earlier than. For many who have never been to at least one both, she simply type of outlined her coverage platforms and informed her story, sort of wove the narrative. She answered three questions from the audience. And then, it was sort of weird because I went backstage just like the media availability and there’s CBS, CNN, Bloomberg — all these massive reporters — and I used to be in the back with my telephone like, “Hi.”

GABBY: Actually an entire journalist.

MARISSA: And I didn’t get to ask any questions from her and I used to be so unhappy, however I waited until I can see one among her press individuals and just was like, “Please, please, please, I just need to ask her one question: What she plans to do to reach out to youth voters besides free college…” She slimeballs her approach out of that. It’s a very loopy expertise. What about you, Gabby? I feel such as you’ve had some hobnobbing lately.

GABBY:I’ve not met any presidential candidates, however I met good previous governor Ralph Northam of Virginia. I’ve seen him 3 times within the last three weeks. Casual listeners might know him from his blackface scandal. I do know him from a number of events in Richmond prior to now few weeks. He’s a lot more Southern than I noticed, he’s acquired a very thick Southern accent and he seems to be you proper within the eye when talking typically, which is a bit of uncomfortable. However yeah, Ralph and I, you recognize, we now go means back —

MARISSA: Hopefully, not too again to his blackface days —

GABBY: Not far sufficient again for it to be problematic for future career opportunities. And that’s that on that. Let’s speak concerning the precise candidates now, just hit a few of the new developments in policy from this week, so if you wish to go forward and begin about Cory Booker, who launched some immigration coverage.

MARISSA: Yeah, he did it in English, which is a first for him. But principally what Booker stated he plans to do is use a few of that government power he would have to undo a few of the first two years of what has outlined Trump’s administration by rolling back a number of the immigration policy. He needs to revive all these protections for DACA immigrants and the “Muslim ban” Trump enacted. He needs to cease all development on the border wall and in addition take away a number of the sections of it. So I assumed was a reasonably complete plan. One thing that was lacking for me was about what he would probably do concerning the hundreds of immigrants which might be still here presently housed in personal detention facilities. I know he needs to abolish those forms of personal amenities and partnerships with prisons, however something that’s massive for me is how is he going to look after people who find themselves already right here and who have already been really, really harm and damaged by that system?

GABBY: Yeah, I’ll say I recognize the efforts to release immigration coverage. I really feel like plenty of candidates are still working on that. However to me, that is — you understand, it’s all great things — nevertheless it looks like type of a return to the Obama established order and there have been nonetheless a whole lot of problems relating to things like making a authorized path to citizenship or ICE practices, particularly in mild of the current Fb group that was discovered by ProPublica. I want to see from different candidates, some more for wanting proposals that try to deal with things like a pathway to citizenship or such as you’re saying, agreements with for-profit prisons.

MARISSA: What about Pete Buttigieg?

GABBY: One of the huge points he’s dealing with this campaign is engagement with black voters. Clearly, there was a police capturing of an unarmed black man in South Bend, Indiana, the place he’s mayor. Black help for him went down between his two mayoral campaigns in South Bend. He’s polling really poorly with black voters. So his plan… there’s a couple of segments right here: he needs to enhance police coaching, he needs to create a federal fund for funding in minority-owned companies (which Elizabeth Warren has also stated she would do), he needs to abolish personal federal prisons and he needs to ban incarceration for simple drug possession. This is particularly fascinating coming off of his presidential city corridor. So, how do you analyze that?

MARISSA: For somebody who didn’t know actually who Pete Buttigieg was beyond like, “Oh, quirky white guy,” that city corridor in April actually stunned me as a result of I really feel like of all of the things that you can say to cement your Democratic platform, to be like, “Oh, I don’t think felons should have the right to vote.” It’s such a departure from the place I feel like the Democratic social gathering ought to be going. That exact moment really stood out to me. After which there was a current poll, he’s principally polling at 0 with black individuals across the country. I feel he ought to be very cautious about what looks like pandering and what is just misguided. Plenty of his policies going forward will simply need to be coming from black advisers. He should actually study to belief these individuals and put them on his staff.

GABBY: Buttigieg’s newness to the scene and that undoubtedly contributes to his lack of black help. So I feel he does come at problems with race from a real place, like I feel he in all probability did take Sociology 110 at Harvard. I feel a number of the methods he comes at it is at a spot of intellectualism, which is how he comes at a whole lot of issues and not a lot having black advisers, speaking to black voters, things like that, and that’s simply kind of my perception. I’m not 100 % positive on that. I want to see more outreach from him and less intellectual-speak about systemic racism, though clearly that’s not unhelpful.

MARISSA: Considered one of my favorite subjects: schooling. Three candidates rolled out some new plans about schooling, Klobuchar, Tim Ryan and Jay Inslee. Do you need to speak a bit of bit about that?

GABBY: Amy Klobuchar has launched what she calls “Progress Partnerships,” which would offer incentives for states to increase instructor pay, adapt high school curriculums and regulate funding components to enhance equity. That final point is massive, as a result of funding for faculties comes from real property taxes, which means wealthy communities have higher public faculties. That creates a whole lot of inequity. Tim Ryan needs to offer a large funding in public faculties — $50 billion. After which Inslee, as per all of his campaign, has tied his schooling plans to local weather change, so he needs extra STEM schooling and STEM training. I feel I’d wish to see exactly where that is going to. I went to an event about schooling equity at the moment, talking about how low-income, high-poverty faculties don’t just need equal funding, they need extra; that’s the place a lot of the assets have to be going if you speak about federal funding.

MARISSA: Undoubtedly, like we’ve backtracked rather a lot with our present Division of Schooling, but I might hope that in coming weeks and months, we see, like you stated, candidates go a bit bit beyond simply providing extra funding for this program or that program. What we have now proper now is a large, deep alternative hole, and a number of the faculties, what they don’t need necessarily is just $100,000 right here $100,000 there… While that undoubtedly would help shut a number of the gaps, it’s a much bigger challenge than that. It’s about segregation — there’s deep-seated inequalities.

GABBY: And it’s additionally fascinating because schooling is an area the place like federal coverage has been like for probably the most half on successful in recent times like the No Baby Left Behind Act has largely been seen as a failure; Widespread Core actually went down in flames; ESSA, the Every Scholar Succeeds Act, was type of seen as a conservative victory, that’s 2015, which provides extra control to localities and states. It’ll be fascinating to see what candidates, how candidates assume the federal authorities must be concerned in schooling, and to what degree they need to be involved.

MARISSA: OK, Gabby, I see you pulling up those policy names, OK!

GABBY: I literally wrote an article about this at the moment at work. I actually educated myself in the previous few hours.

MARISSA: And our woman “Kristi” Gillibrand, she really got here out that literal Medium weblog publish. She’s like a freelance author.

GABBY: She’s on the weblog scene.

MARISSA: She came out swinging. She was like, “We need automatic voter registration. We need to make Voter Day a national, federal holiday.” She’s actually hammering over the truth that she is the only candidate who actually needs clean, publicly funded campaigns. I imply, I’m all for, personally, automated voter registration, federal voting holiday, stuff like that. It’s just an fascinating platform selection to return out with immediately.

GABBY: This is the purpose that Gillibrand like tried to make in the course of the debate and sounded sort of misplaced within the desert when she was saying that. It’s fascinating work, it undoubtedly differentiates your self. I don’t know if individuals outdoors of teachers and activists in this area care sufficient about it to vary their help, and she or he really needs something, so I assume attempt something.

MARISSA: I feel like right now, she’s sort of like a Sanders 2.0.

GABBY: Proper, I learn a profile of her where she was a Second Amendment chick as a result of she was from upstate New York when she was within the Home, and when she ran for Senate, she had to get much more liberal. So she’s moved to the left a ton in the final five years.

MARISSA: So, subsequent, our Cash Minute, ka-ching! The deadline to announce second-quarter earnings is technically next week, but we just needed to type of give a preview about that, see the place a number of the largest names are headed. A couple of names have not announced yet, like Booker or Klobuchar.

GABBY: Marissa wrote, as an alternative of Buttigieg, Butt on the outline and that sums it up. He’s literally acquired cash out the ass, so that is sensible. He has $24.8 million over a three month interval, which is similar to both Obama and Clinton in 2007 once they have been within the main, but again, back then there weren’t like, everybody and their mom wasn’t operating for president. It was identical to Obama and Clinton.

MARISSA: Again then, we only had a couple of candidates, we might rely all of them on two palms.

GABBY: Immediately’s youngsters will never know.

MARISSA: At this time’s youngsters literally have to use all their fingers and toes.

GABBY: Plus the horn they have behind their head from taking a look at their telephones. Yeah, this can be a big haul for Buttigieg, who has been fundraising rather a lot. Biden’s shut behind at $21.5 million since April. Sanders is at $18 million, which is a bit of a slide for him, I feel, from his initial first-quarter earnings, Harris raised $12 million for the quarter, $2 million in the day following the debates, and poor Michael Bennet has only raised $2 million. The large information to me is Elizabeth Warren, with none personal dinners the place you need to have like a count-a-head or issues like that has raised $19 million, no PACs, completely from individual donations. What are your ideas about that? I feel that’s fairly wild.

MARISSA: Yeah, I feel Warren is operating a very fascinating recreation, as a result of I feel she doesn’t essentially have to get her identify on the market as a lot, like we have been speaking about this the first debate — she was simply type of sitting there, chilling, she didn’t really speak that much for the second half of the talk it appeared to us. She has pretty good facial recognition, pretty good identify recognition. She’s allowed to not have personal donors as a result of she’s undoubtedly like $5 or 6 million behind individuals like Buttigieg, however on the similar time, she’s doing higher than him in the polls. And so I feel he needs that money and wishes those personal donors.

GABBY: I feel this is really cool because political campaigns is an business in and of itself and so is political consulting, and I’m going to play my “I’m from DC” card right here. Political consulting is a large thing, there’s an entire business round it: that’s advertising, that’s advertising, that’s polling. There’s so many things involved in that, and to do every little thing in-house — she’s created this entire viral media factor round Elizabeth Warren calling small dollar donors because individuals will put it on Twitter. They donated $15 dollars, whatever, and then she calls them and it’s this entire thing about choosing up an unknown quantity, which is an entire ‘nother millennial psychodrama.

MARISSA: One among my pals was literally ready on the telephone, ready for somebody to call with an unknown quantity and it’s actually like an insurance firm.

GABBY: And you then acquired scammed. I feel she’s really turned it into like this nice momentum for herself, so I’m into it. Let’s move into some births and deaths. Who was politically born this week?

MARISSA: Tom Steyer was politically born this week. I personally didn’t know a lot about him. I do know that he had been like, “Oh, no, no guys, like, I’m not running.” And then he was like, “Ope, just kidding. I’m running,” So we’re like, liar, to start with, not starting off his campaign to a truthful begin. But he’s principally 62 years previous, in line with Wikipedia. He’s a billionaire hedge fund manager. He’s a philanthropist, an environmentalist liberal activist and fundraiser. So, that’s Wikipedia. Have you learnt any extra about him?

GABBY: Yeah, all I find out about him is that he runs this organization that creates all these pro-impeachment advertisements and stuff, however he’s very pro-impeachment. This simply annoys me as a result of like, I just can’t maintain maintaining monitor of those candidates. Like it’s an excessive amount of. Clearly, it’s too much, however B) like, I hate this entire really rich individuals, just like the ultra wealthy are, like, “Things are going my way, let me just run the government myself, because I don’t already run the private sector and the labor market and XYZ.” I’m like, can you actually keep out of one factor? I know you already pay tens of millions of candidates and provides money to all these political figures. Do it’s a must to do every little thing yourself?

MARISSA: You already run the government principally since you’re rich, so I don’t understand why you are feeling like you must do it in public. Simply hold doing it in personal, like everyone knows you do, and move alongside.

GABBY: It’s additionally fascinating because this massive conversation within the Democratic Social gathering proper now’s like, ought to billionaires exist?

MARISSA: Um, no.

GABBY: Nicely, we all know where you stand on that. Go off. Having a billionaire candidate is simply weird.

MARISSA: We don’t need one other wealthy white guy on the stage. We’ve so many, simply move aside.

GABBY: We’d like candidates to go away, not to come.

MARISSA: Speaking of leaving, who has left us lately?

GABBY: He’s departed, he’s gone. He ought to be recommended for his potential to go away the race. More should comply with.

MARISSA: Yeah, undoubtedly. That’s should set a development for different Democratic candidates. I might say perhaps half at the least.

GABBY: It’s our man, Eric Swalwell. You already know, Eric, you’ll all the time be remembered for telling Joe Biden to “pass the torch,” for saying, “I think we all have children” to Kamala Harris. You realize, we hardly knew you however, bon voyage. Have an awesome post-presidency run life. Shifting on, we’re going to discuss Joe Biden’s skeleton. Marissa, how would you characterize the quality of his bones proper now?

MARISSA: You already know, I’m no doctor right here. But I might say that they’re fairly hollow, in the truth that like something could possibly be in those bones like, I don’t know. He retains saying he has no racist bone in his physique. Speaking as somebody who goes on WebMD incessantly, the racism is in there, it’s someplace in his body. So it’s obtained to be somewhere — his eyes, his mind.

GABBY: For those who thought bones have been emotionally worth impartial, you’re flawed. They’re either not racist, or they’re identical to fuming with the hearth of racism, there’s no in between. They might not simply be like bones — there needs to be a worth judgment on their racist character. And Biden’s aren’t racist. Regardless that he did praise segregationists, help busing laws and sign the crime invoice, but no. No bones are racist. Don’t make that mistake. What did he do that week?

MARISSA: Nicely, he introduced himself and his bag of bones as much as CNN. And he principally had this interview the place he was just saying that he didn’t really anticipate Kamala Harris to assault him in the course of the debate as a result of he was like, “Oh, Harris knows me and my family really well. I didn’t believe she was capable,” like blah, blah, blah.

GABBY: Which simply looks like poor preparation on the part of his campaign. They needed to know anyone’s gonna attack him. Like he made himself so weak to attack.

MARISSA: I feel he stated he type of knew race would come up as a problem and I was like, “OK, Biden,” however he’s like, “Oh, I never expected it from Harris.” I’m like, OK, like, that looks like portray her within the villain when you’re really the villain in the story, if we needed to decide one.

GABBY: He apologized for kind of his entire rhetoric on race in the previous few weeks, I assumed was pretty skinny. He was like, “I’m sorry if my words somehow offended people,” which doesn’t look like you’re taking possession of the truth that they did offend individuals, and like, it’s pretty straightforward to see how they offended individuals. I want to see extra accountability from him.

MARISSA: He simply has so many skeletons in his closet, hopefully ones with no racist bones.

GABBY: The bones haven’t any racism of the skeletons in that closet.

MARISSA: So all of those non-racist skeletons are in his closet. And I’m identical to, how are you going to get past this? I mean, we’re going to speak about polls proper now, however I don’t see how if he continues to literally put his non-racist foot in his mouth, opening that non-racist mandibula. I don’t understand like, how he’s going to get previous all of this, you recognize?

GABBY: Yeah, it’s not wanting nice. And I don’t assume he’s doing quite a bit for himself to make it higher. And I see him really persevering with to fall until he has a terrific debate performance, so we’ll see. However once more, he does have that massive help base and, as you need to go into, he’s still leading in polls, but he took a reasonably large dip.

MARISSA: Yeah, undoubtedly. Based on a CNN poll, (with) you realize, 5 % margin of error, nevertheless it’s nonetheless pretty vital. A variety of the polls I’ve seen fall alongside comparable strains. He dropped virtually 10 factors since Might. So he’s at 22 % about right now. Kamala Harris jumped up after the debates and she or he’s around 17 ish % proper now in most polls, Warren is just not too far behind. It’s sort of a tie virtually between second and third for Warren and Harris, relying on the poll. Sanders is somewhat bit behind them. He dropped slightly bit after the talk. Pete Buttigieg is a bit up but still type of wavering round 4 or 5 %, Cory Booker behind that, Beto behind that, and Amy Klobuchar behind that. So it’s sort of establishing itself to be a prime five, six state of affairs, though, as we saw with final election, polls don’t mean the whole lot.

GABBY: I feel it’s going to get narrowed right down to those sort of prime 5 to seven by this fall, I might hope. I feel after the subsequent debate of individuals don’t do properly, they’re going to drop out as a result of they don’t have the money.

MARISSA: I might hope so.

GABBY: Yeah, I mean, we will solely pray. I was taking a look at people who’ve already qualified for the subsequent round of debates. Apparently, Marianne Williamson has already met the requirements for the debates, so we’ll get extra of her.

MARISSA: She received numerous free Twitter press. People who had never heard of her have been making memes which I feel says something about something. I’m not likely positive what, nevertheless it says something.

GABBY: Something was stated there. We’re going to end in the present day with our little “something fun” as a result of we like to think about ourselves as enjoyable individuals. This week in honor of The Lion King coming out and that Mulan trailer dropping — shout out to that — every candidate has like a stroll on out of the blue, so stroll on to rallies if that they had to use a Disney track, what can be probably the most applicable?

MARISSA: We came up with some really good ones, y’all. I’m fairly pleased with us.

GABBY: You guys, in the event you disagree, you’re mistaken.

MARISSA: So to start out — Elizabeth Warren, “I Can Go The Distance” from the good film, “Hercules.” Truthfully, that complete movie soundtrack in the event you actually take a look at a lot of the songs, this could all be attributed to Elizabeth Warren.

GABBY: Invoice de Blasio, we’ve received, from the basic “Mulan,” “I’ll Make a Man Out of You.” Bill de Blasio has this paternalistic, masculine “screamo” power, the place he’s like, “This is how it’s gonna be, I’m going to lay down the law, everybody follow.” It really came out of his screaming. Marissa went deep on this subsequent one so I hope everybody pays attention.

MARISSA: “Be Prepared” from “The Lion King,” that’s the one where Scar is speaking to the hyenas they usually’re being dumb. Okay, let’s play a recreation: Guess if this is Scar from The Lion King or Bernie Sanders from the Democratic primaries: “Just listen to teacher/I know it sounds sordid/But you’ll be rewarded/When at last I’m given my dues/And injustice deliciously squared/Be prepared.” Now, who stated that, Gabby?

GABBY: Properly, it seems like Bernie Sanders speaking concerning the Democratic get together giving Hillary the nomination.

MARISSA: Mistaken! That was Scar! Guys, I will link the lyrics in the transcript. This is strictly — like, the second half of the music was written by Sanders himself.

GABBY: Actually the Bernie Sanders campaign wrote — I mean, he’s old enough to have written it, when it came out.

MARISSA: No, please take heed to this music proper after you end listening to this podcast, it’s correct.

GABBY: If anybody has seen “Pocahontas,” it’s racist, meanders so much, however there’s a music that slaps referred to as “Colors of the Wind.” Who would that be in addition to our very personal Marianne Williamson? That’s in all probability her hype-up track before she goes out into the debates and talks about no matter it’s she talks about.

MARISSA: Tulsi “T Stands For Troops” Gabbard — undoubtedly “A Girl Worth Fighting For,” from “Mulan” as properly. Beto O’Rourke, the basic “Everybody Wants To Be A Cat” from “Aristocats,” like… “Everybody wants to be a cat/Because the cat’s the only cat/Who knows where it’s at.”

GABBY: Broadway, someone put her on Broadway!

MARISSA: Beto, that track screams that to me. I don’t know why.

GABBY: And this subsequent music might additionally apply to Beto, but we gave it to Pete Buttigieg, it’s “Just Can’t Wait To Be King” from “The Lion King.” So this entire concept that I feel each of them encompass, that they have been born to do that their entire life has simply been main them to this second, they’re identical to little youngsters like, “Oh, I want to be president, it’s my destiny, it’s in the stars, no one’s gonna tell me what to do.” It’s this like younger white man, this was written within the stars power.

MARISSA: I mean, it type of was for them because they’re white males but…

GABBY: John Hickenlooper is “Circle of Life,” as a result of, you already know, it moves by way of us all, it should transfer him to drop out of the race.

MARISSA: It should transfer him out the door. Jay Inslee strikes me as an “Under the Sea” type of man solely because he only talks about climate change, and so I feel like he’d be singing “Under the Sea” but like, “Guys, like, there are things in the sea, things in the ocean, we have to clean up. Like, I will clean it up with my own two hands, personally. With the $3 I have raised, I will buy a shovel and just start sweeping out trash from the ocean. It’s choking poor Flounder right here.”

GABBY: “It’s not like everything’s better down where it’s wetter, you have to understand,” like that is his determined, crazed plea. Tim Ryan, Amy Klobuchar, John Delaney — principally any kind of centrist candidate who’s very in the working class, no matter meaning, “Heigh Ho” from Snow White, you understand, simply the working man going off to work doing this day by day work. That’s who they’re making an attempt to help —

MARISSA: Nevertheless it’s only previous white men, no one else.

GABBY: White males with beards. Thanks, everyone for listening. You possibly can catch me and Marissa in the subsequent iteration of this podcast when the debates happen, and you may catch Tim Ryan, Amy Klobuchar and John Delaney in an off-Broadway play referred to as “Snow White Working Class.”

MARISSA: Thank you, everyone, for tuning in. No one requested us but here we are.

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